Soy Boricua exhibition at the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture

The contributions of art made by women—especially women of color—in the field of art history has yet to be fully recognized because of exclusionary gendered and racial practices.

In the spirit of collaboration and inclusivity, Soy Boricua, or I am Boricua, highlights the contributions of thirteen non-male artists to Chicago’s ever-growing Diasporican art scene. Each artist highlighted in Soy Boricua explores their expansive identities and how they intersect in their own ways. From digital collage to painting to glasswork to photography, the artists included in this exhibition expand beyond the conceived binaries of what art made by Puerto Ricans can be.

This exhibition will include educational programming by the artists year-round—encouraging people to learn, be inspired, and tap into their creativity. NMPRAC is committed to help grow each artist’s creative businesses by promoting their art in our Museum’s galleries, giftshop, and across all of our platforms.

Stay tuned for more information about how you can support our local Boricua Artists!

Curators:Anaís Cezanné Caro

Artist: Elimagdy Amaro, Michelle Gomez, Sandra Antongiorgi, Janice Aponte, Rebel Betty, Migdalia Galarza, Melissa Gomez, Michelle Gomez, Sam Kirk, Erica Perez, Patricia Perez, Lorimar Matos, Nohemi Moran.

The exhibition can be seen until 16 Dec 2023. Information: