New Amber Robles-Gordon Solo Show at IA&A in Hillyer

Soy luz, amor, y frecuencia.(I am light, love and frequency), 2023

Mixed media, 80 x 60 in

Amber Robles-Gordon and her new solo exhibition, Remnants: A visual journey of memory and renewal. Now on view at Hillyer through May 28.

Amber Robles-Gordon is drawn to the terms, remnants, slivers, and fragments, and believes we are all a compilation of pieces of our experiences, influences, and choices. She uses her artwork to explore and share her perception of cellular and spiritual energy. And, for Robles-Gordon, artwork is the language she uses to discover, understand and express the condition of life and its connection to her soul.

View of the opening of the exhibition

In this series, Robles-Gordon explores the emotional, physical, and psychic processes of loss. This body of work conveys the mental and physical effort it takes to move through loss. The artist works sequentially and within these works, deploying the lenses of abstraction, realism, photography, sacred geometry, symbolism, and installation art to convey a journey of self-awareness and growth. Together, these artworks present a visual telling of love, loss, and healing.

Along this journey, Robles-Gordon convened with friends and incredibly talented artists Zoë Charlton, Lavett Ballard, Wesley Clark, Elana Casey, and Alanzo Robles-Gordon, to join and partner with her in this visual storytelling. She thanks them for their friendship.

En homenaje al amor, la naturaleza y la amistad (In tribute to love, nature, and friendship), 2023

contributing artists Wesley Clark, Elana Casey, Lavett Ballard

mixed media installation, 84 x 88 in (quilt)

About the artist:

Amber Robles-Gordon is a mixed media visual artist of Puerto Rican and West Indian heritage. She has over twenty years of exhibiting, art education, commissioned critiques, workshops, lectures, art commentary, and exhibition coordinating experience with various television and radio stations, museums, universities/colleges, podcasts, and art organizations.

She received a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration in 2005 at Trinity University, and subsequently a Master’s in Fine Arts (Painting) in 2011 from Howard University, Washington, DC. Her exhibitions and artwork have been reviewed and/or featured in numerous magazines, journals, newspapers, and art publications. She is known for her commissioned site-specific public art installations for numerous art institutions, universities, research centers, and fairs.

IA&A AT HILLYER, 9 Hillyer Court, NW Washington, DC 20008, 202.338.0680, Gallery Hours: Mon, closed to the public, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, 12 to 6 p.m., Sat, Sun, 12 to 5 p.m.