Project Art presents a new exhibition by Mariceliz Pagán Gómez

Mariceliz Pagán Gómez, “Artefactos II” (detail), handmade paper sculpture (abaca & cotton), velvet, insect pins, wire, waxed thread, foam & washi tape, 2023.

Project Art is pleased to announce a new temporary exhibition titled Interspaces at UI Hospitals & Clinics by artist Mariceliz Pagán Gómez.

Mariceliz Pagán Gómez is an artist from Puerto Rico; she received her BA from The University of Puerto Rico and is currently enrolled in the University of Iowa’s Graduate Printmaking Program.

Mariceliz is interested in the relationship between artistic and biological processes and their relation to the human experience. She uses a scientific method of inquiry to investigate her own art as a living organism, dissecting it in various ways through printmaking, drawing, and sculpture.

Mariceliz Pagán Gómez, “Trace,” color etching, 2022.

Moving from Puerto Rico to Iowa, her artwork has transformed and mutated from the drastic environmental changes she has experienced; Iowa unveiled foreign natural specimens and structures. This has prompted her to explore the morphology of these objects and create iterations and hybridizations of them. Through collecting and intermittent field studies, Mariceliz reflects upon emotions of displacement and coping mechanisms created when moving to a different place. These mechanisms exist through the process of exploration that unites her experiences in these two distinct places.

The exhibition is on display through Friday, July 21, in Gallery I (Elevator F, Level 8), at UI Hospitals & Clinics.

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