Orlando Caraballo’s exhibition “Capicú” at CapSoul gallery

Orlando Caraballo’s “Capicú” featured in CapSoul

Visual artist Orlando Caraballo’s exhibition “Capicú” presents a story about how personal, familial, and cultural systems create complex histories and futures, and how one inherits the choices of those that went before. Through drawing, printmaking, installation, and photography, Caraballo creates portals that peer into his life and the life of his ancestors. Layered in love, death, grief, time, and acceptance, “Capicú” contains generations of struggle, progress, and legacy.

Caraballo’s “Capicú” will show from January 25 - March 4 in the CapSoul gallery at Akron Soul Train.

About the artist Orlando Caraballo:

Orlando Caraballo is a Cleveland-based visual artist and arts administrator. His artwork is rooted in imaginative storytelling that investigates the relationship between personal and cultural identity in the context of both the larger Puerto Rican diaspora and his family’s vocational legacy in the greater community. Orlando invites his audience to reflect on the meaning of lineage, legacy, and vocation in a world in need of a more humane and loving form of leadership. He holds a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art with a Major in Drawing and an emphasis in Printmaking.

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