KIOSK at Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space, New York

Chaveli Sifre, Coconut bombs, 2016-present. Mixed media, dimensions variable.

Conjuring Cuchifritos Gallery’s material history and placement inside of a public food market, KIOSK draws on familiar as well as abstract associations of the marketplace, re-veiling it as a place of mystery and wonder. The works in KIOSK tend to blur the lines between mental and material environments employing ordinary objects as poetic devices.

Melvin Martinez sets the Plaza del Mercado atmosphere with a simultaneously festive and nostalgic large-scale painting as a backdrop for the exhibition. Danny Rivera-Cruz presents a series of ornamental modular structures as symbols and negotiators of private-public space as the result of a sustained object-aided investigation. The sculptural scale and quality of these liminal structures suggest spaces of transit: domestic portals like the market itself. Rebecca Adorno employs a mix of biomaterials to create a series of bio records that contain sounds collected in Puerto Rico, from underwater noise and atmospheric sound to salsa songs and historical speeches.

Chaveli Sifre infuses the gallery with “market-scented” perfumes made by the artist together with an enfleurage sculpture employing a process that uses natural fats to capture the fragrant compounds exuded by tuberose flowers. Nuancing the space between the objects on display, Adorno and Sifre’s audible and olfactory interventions accentuate the harmony and peculiarity of Cuchifritos’ food-market setting. Sifre also presents a series of Coconut Bombs –inaccessible perfume-type tinctures conformed of local healing herbs and chloroform. Javier Bosques presents a small group of architecturally inspired ceramics co-authored by his mother. On a video piece, Bosques invokes another ever-present food market character with a twist: Pigeons, this time entranced.

The show is the result of an expanded conversation between the artists formalized in two recently opened exhibitions at El Lobi, a former hotel lobby in Santurce, Puerto Rico, and Produce Model Gallery, a former Laundromat in Chicago. As in these previous exhibitions, KIOSK presents objects and banal situations that under patient contemplation reveal their potential to marvel, their charm, and poetry.

KIOSK Rebecca Adorno, Javier Bosques, Melvin Martinez, Danny Rivera-Cruz, Chaveli Sifre Curated by Guillermo Rodriguez September 9 through October 29, 2022 Opening reception: Friday, September 9 from 6-8p. Information: