IMAGE SCHEMA | Brianna Bass & Ivelisse Jiménez at LatchKey Gallery, N.Y.

LatchKey Gallery, N.Y, N.Y., is proud to present, Image Schema, a sensory-filled experience of abstract works by Brianna Bass and Ivelisse Jiménez. Image Schema highlights the visible gaps between perception and comprehension, cognition and language—revealing the inflexibility and rigidity of our conceptual associations. Through color, texture, and pattern, Image Schema investigates abstraction beyond the boundaries of the canvas creating a phenomenological experience of color and space. Each of the artists directly engage viewers through their distinctive visual language resulting in a sensory dialogue between the observer and the work of art.

Mirror Shadow (Shadow Mirror), 2021, Oil on canvas, 36 x 60 in

Brianna Bass’ compositions are a visual dance for the eye, manipulating our senses through color and form. Her paintings are characterized by illusions of depth and movement, resulting in sensations of expansion and continued space. The interplay of gradient colors, created via mathematical formulas cause subtle shifts which transform and manipulate the other. These vibrations disrupt the site-line creating an all-encompassing environment that visually consumes the observer. Separating Bass from her Op Art influences is the artist’s imprint of brushstrokes, which are left visible, exposing the artists movements. These impasto-like marks rise and fall, allowing for a more emotional and personal reading of the painting. 

Detour #21, 2021
Vinyl and plexiglass over canvas
108 x 96 x 32 in

Image Schema #3, an installation by Ivelisse Jiménez an iteration originally created for Museo de Arte Puerto Rico are seductive portals of cascading fields of vibrant color. Her literal play with depth and space allows visitors to step into her paintings and experience the artist’s vibrant palette. Her compositional language of layered vinyl shapes wander in irregular orbits, climb surfaces, reach ceilings, and spread onto adjacent walls. The assemblages are paintings made of mixed materials, colorful layers, that seemingly defy the confines of painting to add a sculptural element to the works. Pulling us in different directions at the same time, her compositions seek to defeat the sensible self and induce an awareness of the multiple considerations by which our world might otherwise be ordered. With calculated mischief their colors, textures, shapes, patterns, and transparencies invite the viewer to a tasting of bewildering sensations, enticing them to make sense of the rhapsody of its parts. 

Shifting from the color filled environments of Bass and Jiménez, their distinctive abstract languages come together to create a monochromatic space where tone and shape become the foundation of their dialogue forming an equally intense visual experience. Image Schema is a sensory induced experience allowing visitors to immerse themselves into the artists creations revealing the inflexibility and rigidity of our conceptual associations.


Brianna Bass (b. 1990, Knoxville, Tennessee) earned her MFA from Yale School of Art in 2022, and her BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2013. She has presented in public lectures with Stoveworks and Yale University, and has exhibited work nationally and internationally at Jeffery Deitch Gallery in NYC, Missouri State University, and Tree Art Museum in Beijing, China. She co-founded and developed the operations model of Mineral House Media, an artist-run platform designed to enrich emerging artists’ agency within their communities. She has exhibitions coming in the fall and winter: Latchkey Gallery NYC in September 2022, and Channel to Channel TN in December 2022. 

Ivelisse Jiménez’s (b. 1966 S.J., Puerto Rico) installations and assemblages present visual propositions regarding change and the construction of meaning in dialogue with the inhabited space. Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Europe, The Americas and Puerto Rico at museums, galleries, biennials, art fairs and other institutions. She has been part of the Museo del Barrio Biennale NYC, Prague Biennale, Cuenca Biennale and ARCO project rooms in Spain, among others. Awards include The Joan Mitchell Award for Painters and Sculptors, The Adolf Gottlieb Foundation Grant and Arte Laguna Prize. Collections include Museo del Barrio NYC, Bronx Museum NY and Museo de Puerto Rico, San Juan where she is exhibiting her work currently. Jiménez has a BA in Humanities from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras and MFA in Studio Arts from New York University. After living and working in NY for 20 years, she now has her residence and studio in Puerto Rico.