Group Show “With or Without You: America” at Temple Contemporary

Temple Contemporary proudly presents With or Without You: America, a timely exhibition of works by 11 first-generation American artists that encourages viewers to contemplate personhood in America and reflect on the liminal space between personal and political. Temple Contemporary is a visionary center for exhibitions and public programs at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture.

A visual allegory inspired by James Baldwin’s 1955 iconic collection of essays Notes of a Native Son, the works represent various perspectives of the U.S. experience and illustrate moments of impact that have shaped each artist's identity as they traverse being first-generation Americans. Pioneers in their familial landscapes, these artists are challenging the paradigms of scholarship, wealth, gender, sexuality, citizenship, land, and stature in their communities.

“The exhibition invites viewers to consider America as a verb, an action word that calls on us to complicate our understanding of humanity within and without borders,” says Jova Lynne, Tyler’s newly appointed Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs.

With or Without You: America is curated by Lynne, who joined Tyler in 2021 from the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, with curatorial assistance from Adam Blumberg, Exhibitions Manager, and Amy Shindo, Graduate Assistant.

Works of the Puerto Rican artist  Jezabeth Roca González  / Foto JRC Facebook

Artist List: Caff Adeus | Brock Oakley Ailes | Valery Jung Estabrook | Jezabeth Roca González | Tommy Kha | Antonia B. Larkin | Grace Rosario Perkins | Stephanie Concepción Ramirez | Adee Roberson | Raúl Romero | Zeinab Saab

Gallery Hours: Wednesday-Thursday, 12-8 pm - Friday-Saturday 11am-6 pm. More information:


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