Gilbert Salinas: Among the Chaos at The Polasek Museum

Art work by Gilbert Salinas

The Polasek Museum announces the exhibition of Puerto Rican artist Gilbert Salinas: Among the Chaos.

In this body of work, the mixed media artist Gilbert Salinas poses the dichotomy that coexists in constant opposition within humans: the purely biological aspects that concern us as multicellular organisms and the psychological depth that constructs us as individuals and members of society.

With evolution as the only theoretical framework, Salinas visits the concepts of survival, evolutionary economics, social development, collective identity, and the constant rethinking of ethical and moral constructs as well as exploring mental health.

The concern for transformation is present in the work of this Puerto Rican artist from the creative process. In his studio practice, traditional media such as acrylic and varnish are merely elements ready for experimentation. Under the meticulous intervention of the artist, the materials mix and fuse to develop into rich textures that accentuate on the canvas his understanding of the human being as the most visceral product of science.

he exhibition opens to the public August 30 and runs until December 2, 2022.For more information, visit