Danielle De Jesús in "Reflections on Perceptions" at Akron Art Museum

Exhibition view

A new exhibition, Reflections on Perceptions at The Akron Art Museum invites viewers to explore how artists use a variety of reflective surfaces, from placid lakes to windows, to create complex compositions. Reflections on Perceptions will be on view in the Museum’s Judith Bear Isroff and Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell galleries through September 11, 2022.

“One of the greatest aspects of Reflections on Perceptions is the duality of the show,” Jon Fiume, John S. Knight Director and CEO, said. “While exploring the reflections in the artwork, viewers are encouraged to develop their own reflections about what the artists are trying to achieve. It’s empowering for viewers to examine artwork from the artists’ perspective, and with reflections, they’ll be able to do just that.”

The works in Reflections on Perceptions show how mirrored surfaces can reflect space, create illusions, and offer views of places not easily observed. The reflections tease the viewer with visual ambiguity that adds mystery, playfulness, and layers of meaning. The images are visually compelling, each featuring the heightened and complicated perspectives produced by reflective surfaces. For the self-portraits in the show, the viewer gets a vantage point into an intimate private space of the artist.

Plus 4997 (The painting of Carmelo),

Oil on Linen  Acrylic on Plexiglass and U.S currency

Approx 78x48 inches

The exhibition labels explore the composition, artist, and process behind the works of art. Visitors are encouraged to scan a QR code on the label that allows them to share feedback and thoughts on the works in the exhibition.

Twenty-four contemporary artists are featured in Reflections on Perceptions, including Dieter Appelt, Matt Bollinger, Linda Butler, Lois Conner, Danielle De Jesus, Walker Evans, Rebecca Ness, Aliza Nisenbaum, Frank Oriti, Penny Rakoff, Erin M. Riley, Alison Elizabeth Taylor, and Billie Zangewa.

More information: https://akronartmuseum.org/