Ivelisse Jiménez , “Archive Of Errors” at Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami, FL

“I have always given errors primacy within my creative process; affording them a place of respect and contemplation. I strive to understand their anatomy and whatever they can offer; what can be gleaned from behind that veil. The mist, changing states, what we cannot see because it moves too fast or because it is hidden by that which overwhelms us.

This show closely observes my compositional process; the embodied and mental states issuing from the drastic changes of these last years.

I work with fragments that were part of other works, part of contingent or mistakenplaces. Places that disappear or that do not live up to our expectations.

I think about the need to repair, to adjust, to make something work, to do the utmost with whatever is at hand. I commune with uncertainty, doubt, and the vulnerability provoked by change, by rapid movements, by that which has no solution.

I examine the intricate natural order of things and contrast it with the human need of creating complexity through our brains and emotions.

From that very particular place I try to, connect fragmented territories / preserve the identity of each part in the whole / discover the relationships between consciousness and experience / nrender visible the chasm between perception and understanding.

Revealing the hardness of conceptual constructs and the surplus beyond these regimes.

Embracing a temporary solution, an open hand.

The resilience of plastic and color is the lens that allows me to work with such volatile material.” she said.

Ivelisse Jimenez: Archive of Errors (volatile material), Opening Reception - Saturday, February 5 from 6 to 9 PM, through April 12.

Ivelisse Jimenez (San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1966) received a BA in Humanities from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, and an MFA from New York University. She has exhibited widely on the international level and is the recipient of the First Prize Painting at the 7th Arte Laguna in Venice, Italy and the 2009 Joan Mitchell Award for Painters and Sculptors, among many others.

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