Gisela Colón at 4th annual exhibition, Forever Is Now, Egypt

Eternity Now by Gisela Colón

Cairo, Egypt: Art D’Égypte announced their 4th annual exhibition, Forever Is Now, which will take place on October 21st, 2021 at the Great Pyramids of Giza and the surrounding Giza Plateau. This shall be Art D'Égypte fourth edition and shall be held under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism, Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the patronage of UNESCO.

“The Pyramids have a long, illustrious history of extraordinary kind that has fascinated and inspired artists from all over the world,” said Nadine Abdel Ghaffar, Founder of Art D’Égypte, “I’m thrilled to share what will be an unforgettable encounter with the union of art, history, and heritage.”

In a departure from its previous exhibitions, Art D’Égypte is inviting international and local artists to participate in Forever Is Now. This exhibition is the first exhibition of its kind in 4500 years. The exhibition represents a merging of ancient heritage and contemporary art at the oldest and last remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, which today survives as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The participating international artists are Russian artist Alexander Ponomarev; American artist Gisela Colón; Brazilian artist João Trevisan; French Artist JR; Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn; Egyptian artist Moataz Nasr; Egyptian born, Los Angeles- based artist Sherin Guirguis; British artists Shuster + Moseley; British artist Stephen Cox RA; and Saudi Arabian artist HRH Prince Sultan Bin Fahad.

The site-specific installation, Eternity Now by Gisela Colón, embodies a timeless moment, where past, present, and future merge on the historic 4500-year-old UNESCO site of the Great Pyramids of Giza. The 30-foot- long golden elliptical dome pays tribute to the deep historic legacy of ancient Egypt, known as a birthing site or ‘cradle’ of ancient culture. The monumental sculpture is informed by the astounding volumes of knowledge acquired by the ancient Egyptians spanning the fields of astronomy, science, mythology, art, architecture, and sacred geometries. The installation’s formal geometric aspects embody the mythical shape of the sun god Ra’s glowing orb: the venerable chroma of gold being omnipresent in Egyptian symbolism and ritualism. The dome’s elliptical curvatures reference the Eye of Horus, the mystical mind’s eye or third oculus, a form of mythological geometry symbolizing healing, protection, and rebirth. Speaking a fundamental and universal language, Eternity Now envisions a future of humanistic solidarity, reconciliation, and interconnectedness.

This project is made possible thanks to the support of numerous partners including the U.S. Embassy in Egypt, Afrexim Bank, Hany Saad, Signify, MO4 Network, Eastern Company, Al Ismaeilia Group, Orange S.A., Sawiris Foundation, cultural partner the Abu Dhabi Festival, our transportation partner SWVL, ALEXBANK, Orascom Pyramids Entertainment (OPE), Oriental Weavers, Egyptair, Fairmont | ALL, TV5Monde, Savills, Wine Gianaclis Vineyards, Lipton, Travco Group, Ashmand, Beretta, the French Embassy in Egypt, the French Institute in Egypt The British Council, CC-plus, DHL, Abou Ghaly Motors, Meuble El Chark, Barta & Partners, The Art Newspaper, Daghash, Swiss Embassy in Egypt and Marmonil.