Zuania Muñiz-Meléndez’s -Island Beauty at The Foundry Art Centre

La Corona de Cristo

The Foundry Art Centre is excited to present in the Ameristar Gallery, a photographer who has traveled all the way from Puerto Rico will display her exhibition of unique portraits entitled Island Beauty. Zuania Muñiz-Meléndez’s said of his art: “My creative process begins with the Spanish language, particularly the definite article that precedes the name of each flower. In Spanish, this article is gendered, varying between the male el and the female la. For example, while creating the piece that features an oak flower—in Spanish, el roble—I used male body parts to correspond to the flower´s definite article. On the other hand, while preparing the bougainvillea—la trinitaria—I used female body parts. My intention is not to make a statement on gender or sex, but to highlight the morphology of the language.” 

El Roble

The exhibition is free and open to the public at the Foundry Art Centre. Zuania Muñiz-Meléndez’s -Island Beauty will be on show until April 5, 2019.
Foundry Art Centre520 North Main Street Saint Charles, MO 63301