Susan Olivera in The Breast Cancer Art exhibition at the University of Cambridge

The Breast Cancer Art exhibition at the University of Cambridge opening at the New Hall Art Collection gallery at Murray Edwards College, Sunday 3rd Feb 2019, 7-9.30 pm!!

This exhibition is not just about breast cancer, it’s about the human spirit, facing and overcoming life’s struggles, it’s our stories of fear and pain, but also of hope and courage. There will be some incredible artwork from not only the UK, but Puerto Rico, USA and Australia, as well as some existing artworks from the New Hall Collection that relate to our theme.

Susan Olivera, “Completa/Incompleta” (Complete/Incomplete) 
Oil on Canvas 18” x 24”. Puerto Rico

Artists: Adriana Ford, Adriana Munoz, Alex Dixon, Alina Ko, Amabel Mortimer, Amy Brock, Amy Gutcher, Amy Jenner, Andrea Acosta-Duarte, Angela Fox, Angela Uttley, Anne Russell, Annie Dennison, Barbara Price, Carole Reid, Cath Walshaw, Christina Piecha, Claire Grove, Clare Shervin, Dana Viviano, Danielle Piat, Darlaine Honey, Dianne Kalvik, Dianne Russell, Dona, Edwina Maria Thompson, Emily Francis Gude, Erika Silva, Jamie L. Shombert, Jane Wilder, Jeanette Nowak, Joanne Jannetta, Joanne Wightman, Judith Yarrow, Kate Fulford, Kath Haines, Karen Williams, Karin Hamet, Kelly Johnston, Laura Huertas, Laura Pearson, Leesha Lou, Linda Spery, Lissy Love, Lorraine Sleator, Marianne DuQuette Cuozzo, Marlene Styles, Mary Jo Stead, Melinda Deuster, Pat Walsh, Rachel Watts, Rebecca Lee, Ruth Dalzell, Sajida Zamir, Sally Moon, Sara Liyanage, Sue Robins, Susan Olivera, Taylor Jewkes, Tracey Moule and Tina Martel.
The exhibition will run from 4th - 24th February. The collection is open to the public 10am-6pm 7 days a week. Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, CB3 0DF Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

For more information: The Breast Art Cancer Project