“Warrior Rising” solo exhibition by Puerto Rican artist Sandra Antongiorgi at Humboldt Park Boathouse Gallery, Chicago

Exhibition view Photo courtesy of Humboldt Park Boathouse Gallery

Chicago - A solo exhibition by Puerto Rican artist Sandra Antongiorgi will be on view at Humboldt Park Boathouse Gallery, located at 1301 N Humboldt BLVD,Chicago. The exhibit will run through March 31,2018. Celebrate National Women's Month with one of most talented and versatile contemporary artists who will be showcasing works from her Caged Rooster, Gestalt & Warrior Series.

Caged Rooster Series 

Either mass incarceration is a term that is abstract, or it is a term you know in your bones. The U.S. has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s incarcerated people. For the condemned, the convicted, for their families, their children, their lovers, their friends the criminal justice system has made a mockery of the lives of those that we love. Targeted for criminalization, very young people that already have suffered injustices and trauma hurt others. Then, are not given a second chance by being provided the treatment and opportunities that would allow them to heal and live good lives. Instead, they are marked for life. These are their faces.  They are living in bondage, like many of their forefathers brought here by force.  We re-­traumatize the wounded, and we need to face the lives we are throwing away.

Caged Rooster, Acrylic on canvas, 4’ x 6’

Warrior Series 

When life is blindingly challenging, the specter of being vanquished starts the process of growth within the chosen women. Steeped in magic realism, I have created a world where these women double down in rejecting their ruin and muster the wit, strength, and troops to conquer injustice and abuse. These are The Warriors. In the end, victory is their certainty. There can be no alternative.

Warrior Series 
Collecting Wisdom measures 
18”x 24”

Gestalt Series 

In this new body of work entitled The Gestalt Series, I attempt to explore the biological, physical, psychological and spiritual configuration of the Self. Using 120-year-old wood laths and through minimal manipulation, I hope to capture the totality or complete form of the Self, while attempting to depict the complexities of the human experience in all of its many extraordinary parts.

The Gestalt Series attempts to examine the relationship with and the affects often imposed on the self. The systematic harming of children and youth is quietly prevalent in all races and cultures and the psychological damage can be devastating, sometimes altering and obliterating young people’s sense of self and self-­‐value. Violence against women, the criminalization of young people, the violation of human rights can all contribute to a broken, false, and limited self-­‐perception.  It is my intention to reveal the inherited beauty within each and every one of us; the indestructible absolute; the miracles that make us whole.

Gestalt Series
Calaveras y el Corazón, 25” x 12”,
Wood, contact paper, beeswax, resin, metallic Finish, Fabric, leathe

An accomplished singer, songwriter and painter, Puerto Rican native Sandra Antongiorgi’s life experience in Chicago and inherent talent have weaved together to produce a diverse and impressive body of work in the arts. Antongiorgi launched a visual arts career at 15 years old, embracing a rare opportunity to study under illustrious and established muralists and artists. Her gifted use of paint and formation of concept has led to contributions to scores of murals dotting Chicago, a city known for the character and strength of its neighborhoods. Antongiorgi’s work has been showcased in museums and exhibitions throughout Chicago, including the School of the Art Institute and the National Museum of Mexican Art. She is a champion of children's rights and works to expose the damage caused by family violence, incarceration and systematic marginalization. Sandra Antongiorgi has taught art education as part of programming at the Chicago Public Schools and continues to maintain a connection to her community through her music, public and studio art.

A closing reception for the exhibition will be held on Saturday, March  31 from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. in the gallery, located at 1301 N Humboldt BLVD, Chicago.