Puerto Rican artist Rafael Trelles in the group show “Portal” at October Gallery, London

Rafael Trelles, Untitled drawing #4, 2013.
Pencil on a digital reproduction of a watercolour of Agustín Stah, 56 x 90 cm.

An intriguing new exhibition of works by Greg Dunn, Rafael Trelles, Rithika Merchant, Pablo Amaringo, Chewang Dorje Lama and Ralo Mayer. Recent findings in systems neuroscience seem to imply that the human brain itself creates – in a kind of controlled hallucination – the ‘reality’ within which it thinks it exists.  Using the twin prisms of art and science, Portal presents a gateway through which to examine how trances, visions and dreams manifest in human consciousness, becoming the raw material that both artists and scientists interpret.  Each exhibiting artist offers an invitation to re-open Blake’s ‘doors of perception’ and contemplate the infinite potential offered by the creativity of the human mind.

In a series of works called Flora, Rafael Trelles invites the viewer into a naturalist trance.
Trelles, who lives and works in Puerto Rico, developed the technique of combining naturalistic drawings of flora and fauna in ways that suggest overtones of ethereal significance.  His paintings are suffused with hints of hidden insight and awareness.

The exhibition “Portal” opens on 8 March.  It will be on view until 5 May 2018. The October Gallery located at 24 Old Gloucester Street, Bloomsbury, London, United Kingdom. Is open from 12:30 to 17:30 pm, Tuesday to Saturday. Tel. + 44 (0)20 7242 7367 Fax: + 44 (0)20 7405 1851