Pa’riba, Pa’bajo, Pal’centro Y Pa’dentro: Puerto Rican artist Daniel Garcia exhibition at Coral Springs Museum of Art

View of Puerto Rican artist  Daniel Garcia exhibition  

Daniel Garcia was born in Miami Beach, Florida of Puerto Rican parents.  From a young age, Daniel lived in Wynwood, known today as Miami Art District. As a child, this area was composed of factories which today have been turned into galleries and other art venues.  As a child, art was his passion, and from that early age, his parents realized his talents and helped guide him.

In the 1980’s, he found his passion for fashion. He set forth to be a fashion designer, having earned his associate degree in Fashion Merchandizing and Illustration, which lead him to work in local fashion shows for designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera, among others.

The need to create beauty lead him to explore other art forms and in 1994, his work was accepted into the Ft. Lauderdale Art Museum’s 36th Annual HORTT Memorial Competition, which was the fuel needed to know that without art, he was unable to live.  Art became his oxygen, his blood, his everything.

View of Puerto Rican artist  Daniel Garcia exhibition  

Daniel has exhibited his work predominantly through the tri-county area in South Florida as well as in California. His art has joined the collections of many private collectors, and he continues painting and showing his works.  His work combines the constant motion of everyday life, running from point A to point B and not taking time to enjoy the ride.  In his art, you can see this motion as it becomes almost abstract represented by distorted yet colorful and playful images, “It’s like trying to sketch a model that does not stop moving, and creating a sketch with many line and forms”; like a scene from a carnival or rush hour in most large cities.

Auto Foto (Self Portrait)

40 x 49 inch
Mix medium on canvas

His use of bright colors are reflections from his many travels to his parent’s native land, where year-round you are surrounded by colorful foliage, the blue sky, the flavor if it’s people, the music, and the vibe.  These elements come together on his canvas creating his vision, his world, his passion, his life – his art.

Pa’riba, Pa’bajo, Pal’centro Y Pa’dentro exhibition can now be seen at The Coral Springs Art Museum through December 23. Museum hours:  Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday-Monday closed


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