Tripoli Gallery announces Love Isabela: A Puerto Rico Fundraiser

Félix Bonilla Gerena, Never Give Up, 2017
found sign, oil, pencil, spray paint, charcoal on wood
24-1/2 x 18 inches

Southampton, NY — As our nation unites to address the widespread crisis in Puerto Rico, Tripoli Gallery announces Love Isabela: A Puerto Rico Fundraiser acknowledging Félix Bonilla Gerena and his hometown, Isabela, PR. Displayed alongside Bonilla’s paintings, Love Isabela presents a private auction fundraiser to benefit residents of Isabela, PR, with works of art donated by Linda K. Alpern, Alice Aycock, Matt Clark, Oliver Clegg, Bob Colacello, Quentin Curry, Pipi Deer, David Demers, Sabra Moon Elliot, Félix Bonilla Gerena, Judith Hudson, Yung Jake, Benjamin Keating, Curtis Kulig, Brendan Lynch, Maya Mason, John Messinger, Lola Montes Schnabel, Amy Musto, Michael Netter, Akwetey Orraca-Tetteh, Miles Partington, Enoc Perez, Mark Perry, Renee Phillips, Dalton Portella, Enis Sefersah, Dennis Snyder, Bobby Waltzer, and Nick Weber among others. On 10 through November 19, 2017.

 Enoc Perez 

The work of Félix Bonilla Gerena can be viewed as a vivid reminder of the importance of human connection with place, especially the one we call home. Bonilla's paintings express an inherently personal relationship to his island home, depicting images of female figures, tropical plants and creatures, as well as seaside landscapes of deep blues and bright yellows. In a variety of vibrant brushy colors and boldly drawn lines, his paintings respond to the beauty of the island, while perceiving the complexities of its culture.

There will be a 33% discount from the gallery’s side on all works by Félix Bonilla Gerena presented in this exhibition. A dear friend and artist of Tripoli Gallery since its inception, we stand by him and his family as the recovery efforts continue in all our neighboring Caribbean islands. Of the kindly donated artwork, 100% of proceeds raised through the private auction will go directly to the victims of Hurricane Maria in Isabela, Puerto Rico, where Bonilla lives and works and where Tripoli Patterson will travel with Bonilla to ensure that supplies get to the hands that need them most. Tripoli hopes his incentive will encourage viewers to not only bring relief to one of the many devastated towns in Puerto Rico, but also to take advantage of this opportunity to add a strong work of art to your collection or to begin one.

A private auction website will be available for bidders to participate in a blind auction of the donated artworks, where bidders can direct their bids to four categories of basic needs required by hurricane victims such as Water, Food, Power, and Supplies. Direct donations can also be made through the website, providing aid towards food, clean water and water filters, solar power generators, power inverters, and rechargeable batteries among other necessities, which will go directly to residents of Isabela, Puerto Rico.