“Landscape/Horizonte” a group exhibition of Puerto Rican contemporary artists at Fresh Window, New York

“Landscape/Horizonte” view exhibition 

New York - Fresh Window is pleased to present Landscape/Horizonte, a group exhibition of artists from Puerto Rico residing in the US and in the island. Artists include Melissa Calderón, Frances Gallardo, Fernando Pintado and Chemi Rosado-Seijo.

Curated by Nora Maité Nieves, Landscape/Horizonte offers a panoramic view of multiple landscapes shifting, yuxtaposing and confronting their complexities. Questions about territory, migratory fears as well as the difficult task of defining interpersonal relationships or a status are explored. Concepts of cartography, time, migratory paths, borders and customs also offer the possibility of revealing what is under the surface.

Melissa Calderon , Eminent Domain 

Melissa Calderon explores social and political landscapes, drawing upon historical and philosophical references of power, fragility, and perception. The embroidered wood works are rooted in history, memory, and place; exploring and critiquing issues surrounding the social and environmental effects of globalization and its impact on society.

Frances Gallardo, Murmuration

The constant flux of living between two islands, San Juan and New York, has deeply influenced Gallardo’s work and understanding of landscape, nature and surroundings. Filters such as newscast, scientific data, photography and satellite imagery give shape to new relationships and layers of perception in the form of intricate installations. In “Murmuration”, one is drawn from the distance by a large spherical silhouette to be met up close with hundreds of drawings of laser cut pieces of paper pinned to the wall. An imaginary resonance plays through these gestured drawings as an aura of enveloping insect life unfolds.

Fernando Pintado, Singles Going Steady

Fernando Pntado's work borders on the exhaustion between the personal and the universal. Unfinished and failed works are collaged and recycled into new ones through the use of economical materials dragging the heroic down to the realm of epic ordinariness. Music, poetry, theater, literature and mythology is rummaged and crashed through finding references that can allude, adapt, and bend into parallel personal experiences within a single frame.

Chemi Rosado Seijo, El mapa del Sur  de el mundo 

Chemi Rosado Seijo’s "Mapas del Cerro" continues his long-term engagement with the community of El Cerro, a rural, working-class community embedded in the mountains of Naranjito, Puerto Rico. The project was initiated in 2002 by painting the exteriors of residents’ homes different shades of green, paying homage to the way the community has been built in harmony with the topography of the mountains where it stands. In 2010 Rosado-Seijo and the El Cerro community began the process of repainting the homes. In preparing the surface of the walls they scratched and peeled off layers of paint from years of accumulation, which were saved and later brought into the studio to be re-examined. By framing the readymade forms that the remnants of paint created, Rosado-Seijo developed a series of works that catalogue artifacts from the project while referencing topographical maps that the paint fragments resemble.

The exhibition will be on view through August 6, 2017
Friday – Sunday 1 – 6 pm
Or by Appointment
Fresh Window , 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206

718 417 0783