“Diaspora” a collective of Puerto Rican artists in Orlando at Art Gallery - Mills, Florida

José Feliciano- La Carta

Orlando, Fla. – Artistic flavors of Berlin and New York and masterpieces mix at the modern Art Gallery At Mills Park. The gallery’s stateoftheart ambiance features modern, retroinspired European furnishings and wooden décor elements from the former Mills & Nebraska lumber company, who was situated in the location for more than 70 years.

Art Gallery at Mills is pleased to host “Diaspora” a collective of artists with Puerto Rican roots all residing in Orlando, Florida. The exhibit will open with a reception from 6:30 to 9:30 on September 8th, 2016 and will conclude November 6th, 2016. This exhibit will share varied expressions of surrealism, expressionism, abstract art and realism. Our hope is that this show will serve as a source of healing for the tragedy that so significantly impacted the Latin community in Orlando.

Carmen Rojas-Diáspora en movimiento                   José Sánchez-Perla de muerte 

The group is known as The Fine Artists of The Puerto Rican Diaspora of Central Florida. Their aim is to publicize the Puerto Rican professional artists in Central Florida who have decided to work together in order to present their art inside and outside the boundaries of Orlando and Florida. The primary goal is to open doors for emerging and established artists who have been given the task of representing Puerto Rico through their artwork.

          Ángel Rivera-Land before time                   YasirNieves-Y se juntaron con los gallos

The union of these artists is due to the convergence of the state of Florida immigration from Puerto Rico. Some of these artists are born in Puerto Rico, others are from New York city with Puerto Rican roots. The New Yorkers, Felipe Morales, Maria Ramos and Jose Feliciano, grew up influenced by the experience of living in the big Apple but were drawn to Orlando because of it’s natural beauty and the similar climate to Puerto Rico.

      Denisse Berlingeri-Imagination                             Felipe Morales-Mergeofthetrbes

Pedro Brull, Jose Sanchez, Carmen Rojas, Yasir Nieves, Denisse Berlingeri and Ángel Rivera, heirs to a tradition of Puerto Rican painting that has nearly 400 years history. Additionally, inspiration culminates from the tradition that begins with the work of renowned maestro Jose Campeche & Francisco Oller of the XX and XXI centuries.

The social phenomenon of Puerto Rican immigration established in Central Florida has created a collection of talented artists who are proud of their origin and struggle to make known the art of painters of Puerto Rican Diaspora. “We are Puerto Rican Americans: Diverse, realists, abstractionists, modernists, romantics, strong, passionate and united “hard nosed dreamers”. Our diversity stems from our Hispanic American, multicultural heritage. We are purveyors and recipients of a vast, rich heritage; a colorful palette of Arawak Indians, Spanish Conquistadors and African slaves, among many others stirred into the oil of the American melting pot. Our diversity is evident in our artists, sculptors, musicians and writers. We are the Puerto Rican American Dream.” Jose M. Feliciano (Multi media artist).

María Ramos-The Gathering                          Pedro Brull-Hombre Mecánico

It is our sincere hope is that the Art Gallery at Mills Park will provide a venue to share these artists and their beautiful and powerful collective with the Central Florida community and through the experience there will be healing through the art.

For  more information please contact, Denisse Berlingeri at 407.429.1156 or denisseberlingeriart@gmail.com