Puerto Rican artists Camila Buxeda, Karen Net and Polet Guzmán at XY Gallery, New York

“Mala Espina”   Installation view

Mala Espina, a collaborative installation of new works by the Puerto Rican artists Camila Buxeda, Karen Net and Polet Guzman. We are pleased to present the work of Buxeda and Net for the first time at XY Gallery. The installation will be on display through Tuesday, June 14th.

Mala Espina (“Bad Vibes” in English) is a multi-dimensional and mixed media translation of the human intuition or “6th sense” they feel is enhanced when we are tapped into the true power of the human spirit. Mala Espina features Buxeda’s refreshing pen drawings paired with Net’s earthy textile sculpture's, while Guzman presents mother nature in human form through multi-media paintings. This exhibition is an acknowledgement of humankind’s ignorance to the frequency emitted by the earth and our constant struggle to comprehend and experience spiritual and metaphysical realms of existence.

“Mala Espina”   Installation view

“Mala Espina”   Installation view

As the viewer walks through the space there is an ever-present energy emitted from the 3-D installation that allows for each person to take a different path through the exhibition. These three artists are a proud part of the thriving young community of artists that hail from Puerto Rico. The motifs' of their life’s work often stem from a combination of the spiritual, erotic, visceral and feminine objectification facing women today.

Camila Buxeda Art work

Polet Guzmán Art Work 

Karen Net Art Work 

Exhibition:  “Mala Espina” by Camila Buxeda, Karen Net and Polet Guzman runs through Tuesday, June 14 2016 at XY Atelier 81 Hester St, New York 10002

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