Puerto Rican artist Sofia Cordova won the residency grant at Arteles Haukijärvi, Finland

Documentation of project Dawn Chorus - La Prekuela

The Puerto Rican artist Sofía Cardona  recently won the residency grant at Arteles Themed Residency: Neo Future for making his project Dawn Chorus - La Prekuela (working title).

She says, "Shot primarily in the woods of Western Finland and borrowing from texts such as the Kalevala and Ursula K. LeGuin’s Earthsea cycle to build its narrative, 'Dawn Chorus - La Prekuela' shows the history of our planet in the next 500 years. This video serves as the prequel to the video and performance work 'Echoes of A Tumbling Throne (Odas Al Fin De Los Tiempos)' which takes place 1000 years in the future and which focuses on the decline of earth as a site of rebirth and reinvention for those currently in the margins. 'Dawn Chorus...', though abstract in narrative, comprises my most ‘cinematic’ work to date and functions as a sort of ‘play within a play’ about the early days of our collapse as tethered to our contemporary systems of global-industrial capitalism. 

Documentation of project Dawn Chorus - La Prekuela

The work centers on how these systems have accelerated the conditions of our fall by focusing on climate change and the third world labor and inequity upon which our contemporary technological infrastructure is built. The piece will also show footage from the filmmaking itself as part of the structure of the piece furthering its meta narrative. In keeping with my other work which is concerned with creating simultaneously disorienting and pleasurable experiences, this work, while dealing with very concrete themes, doesn’t seek to be moralizing or entirely clear. The video ends with a deluge -- itself a call back to the oft clichéd idea of ‘washing away’ in various human mythologies, giving way to the world presented in 'Echoes...'"

Documentation of project Dawn Chorus - La Prekuela

Participating Arteles Projects / Neo Future theme residency program - May 2016 artists include: Christopher Allman (Chicago, USA); Sid Branca (Chicago, USA); Sofía Córdova (Carolina, Puerto Rico); Eva Davidova (Bulgaria / Spain / New York); Charlie Donaldson (Brisbane, Australia); Anna Hoetjes (Amsterdam, the Netherlands); Gabe Michael Kenney (Columbus, OH, USA); Nicole Killian (Richmond, USA) ; Chor Guan NG (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia); Alison Taylor & Sabine LeBel (Toronto, Canada) and Tyler Vipond (Toronto, Canada). 

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