Puerto Rican artist Carla Negron in the group show “Elixir of Nature” at Agora Gallery, New York

  Carla Negrón junto a Julian Espinal Latino-American & Caribbean Art Agent de Agora Gallery

PR ART NEWS - The artists in the exhibition Elixir of Nature have created works that depict how nature can relate to us in unique ways. From abstraction to photorealism, each artist is able to bring these representations of nature to life. Whether the artist has created something from real life or has recreated some inspiration onto the canvas, the viewer is able to see elements of nature through each of these featured works

The passionate and distinctive work of artist Carla Negron is a blend of figurative painting, abstraction, expressionism, and symbolism. With rich pigments, bold articulation, and fierce, gestural brushstrokes, Negron draws viewers into her complex world, creating layers of meaning that are slowly unveiled as one studies her compositions closely. Her main goal is to eliminate the cursory signals that divide people from one another and reveal the passion, emotion, and humanity that are found in every one of us. She describes her paintings as “a deep exhalation” of love, fury, and intensity that electrify viewers and unite the spectator and the work of art in a sublime moment. Strongly influenced by literature, Negron wants her paintings to work like visual poetry created out of color and balance that transform and excite those who encounter them.

The Guessing Lady, Mixed Media on Canvas, 48" x 36"

Flowers, Mixed Media on Canvas, 30" x 30"

Between You and Me, Mixed Media on Canvas, 40" x 30"

A native of Puerto Rico, Negron began painting early in life and studied under several notable Puerto Rican artists before finding her own singular style and creative mark. Though she considers herself a citizen of the world, she admits that the bright colors characteristic of her work are inspired by the colors of her Caribbean home, where she continues to live and work today.

Elixir of Nature is a group show with the artists Marilyn Cochrane, Erin Cooke,  Andrea De Luigi, Gerry Defries, Kristina Garon,  Judy Howie Coury, Natia Malazonia, Susan Marx, Tina McDowell, Carla Negron, Kirsi Neuvonen, Javier Pastor, Simon Raskina, Juli Schuszler, Joan Shimabukuro, TOTO and Xiaoqing Zhang.

Exhibition: Elixir of Nature runs through 9 June at Agora Gallery 530 W 25t St, NY, New York 10001 Gallery Hours:Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 6pm

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